If you have hired the hall before and simply want to check availability, click on the link towards the end of this page.  This is kept up to date and any new booking is entered immediately.  
If you know the hall you may like to refresh your memory and read this page and, 'Charges for Hire' and  'Conditions of Hire and Responsibilities'.

The hall is owned and maintained by the members of Cookham Dean Women’s Institute.  The Institute considers it an asset for the local community and the income accrued from hiring it out for children’s parties, family gatherings, commercial and community meetings etc. helps to maintain it to a high standard.  The garden is also maintained by members and is an additional asset.

The key safe is at the main entrance on the right hand side close to the security light.    You will be sent information about the key safe once you have booked and paid for the hire.


The Hall itself is a good size (35 ft x 18 ft; 10.7m x 5.5m) and can accommodate a maximum of 60 people. There are 60 chairs in the store room; 6 x 60" (152cms)  diam. round tables which can seat up to 9; 7 small rectangular tables 30" x 36" (76 x 91.5cms) and 2 long rectangular tables 72" x 19" (183 x 48cms). There is also a hoover for clearing up after a meeting.  The flooring is carpet tiles.  A central power point in the floor provides access for the hoover but also for a projector for slides, film or power-point talks. The wall at the end can be used as a screen.  The curtains in the hall are ‘blackout’. Lighting is good and can be switched on/off from the lobby or the kitchen.  The heaters are highly effective and can be turned off at the main switch once the room is warm.  Do not adjust the settings.   There are two cloakrooms in the lobby.  One has  facilities for disabled people.

The Hall has a well equipped kitchen with 2 kettles, 2 large tea pots,  60 green cups, 102 saucers, 66 small plates and 10 dinner plates in the cupboard to the left under the sink and other assorted plates in the cupboard next to the stove; a domestic size stove, microwave, fridge, small freezer and a water heater for washing up, etc. as well as plenty of counter top space for preparing food.

The Hall is NOT suitable for Bouncy Castles.

The garden is safe for children but they should be supervised.

IMPORTANT.  No smoking in the Hall.  In the event of an emergency call 999.  The post code is displayed on the door to the kitchen.  There is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and another in the hall.  These are serviced regularly.  Exit by the main door or the door in the kitchen (which is bolted on the inside).  

If you have decided you would like to hire the Hall for a function and have read the ‘Conditions of Hire’ and ‘Charges for hire’, please check the date and time on the calendar to see that it is free.  Check all dates if you want a series of bookings.

Then, if you are happy, email:  hirecdwihall@cookhamdeanwi.org.uk    giving dates and times, including allowing time for setting up for your function and clearing up and cleaning afterwards.

The email is checked daily and you will get a reply very soon.  Once you have got a reply your event will be put on the calendar.  Then all you have to do is send a cheque nearer the event and you will receive the information for the key safe.